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There are only four absurd reasons for wearing sunglasses at night (I mean when it’s dark and you are indoors): 1) You are famous and need to remind everyone of this  2) You wish you were famous and need to remind everyone of this  3) You are hiding the visible side effects of illegal substance consumption OR 4) You have a pretty awesome pair of shades you don’t want to take off.   My new Super Duper Strength sunglasses by Karen Walker ALMOST makes reason number 4 justifiable, almost.  Round.  Big.  Tortoise.  Perfect for the summer.  FOUND at The Future of Frances Watson in Parkdale, Toronto.

My inspiration for this design was a deconstructed pie chart. I’m not going to lie, patience is mandatory for this one, took some time.
1.  FIRST, two coats of AVON SWEET MINT
2.  THEN, free hand pie chart design with BLACK NAIL ART PEN (create a circle outline first, and then fill in each section with colours).  I used NAYLENE 60, YELLOW NAIL ART PEN, AVON BLUE ESCAPE and NAYLENE E4
3.  FINALLY, finish with SECHE VITE DRY FAST top coat

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